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Pregnancy can be an incredibly difficult journey, physically and emotionally.  If you are facing unexpected challenges speaking with someone may help to ease the difficulty.

Even if your pregnancy is going well, this is a time of incredible change.  With any significant change comes concern.  It's the concern that motivates us to prepare for the arrival of a newborn.  In American culture we prepare by buying stuff...the crib, the clothes, the carseat... we are physically preparing.  But, do we spend as much time preparing emotionally and mentally?  All those items will be useful, but the most important factor in your child's life is you.  

Many women experience significant fluctuations in mood, anxiety, depression, and on rare occasions psychosis as a result of hormonal changes, these issues can be overcome with support and understanding.


Pregnancy is over, big change.  Your body is dramatically different, again.  And now you have a newborn to care for.  It is essentially "the perfect storm" for many women.  If "surviving" is your goal you should seek support.  It is the most difficult times in our lives that are opportunities for the most meaningful experiences.  It will not all go as planned, if that is difficult for you seek help.

The postpartum phase ushers in a dramatic shift in hormones, often significant sleep deprivation, and increased demand for rapid adjustment to life's new routine.  Postpartum depression and anxiety are more common than many know.  They are very real experiences that you cannot just "get over".  This is your one chance at maternal-infant bonding, don't spend it suffering internal demons, seek help.

and Parenting

You made it!  Pregnancy is over (for now), and you're coming out of the postpartum phase (hopefully getting a little sleep).  Your hormones are attempting to stabilize and you are adjusting to this new life.  Congratulations!  

Now, on to the marathon of parenting.  You will be the single most influencial person in your child's life.  You can be an INCREDIBLE parent.  But it requires real examination of your own core beliefs, supports and strengths.  It requires hard work.  With a therapists support you can avoid or decrease many painful mistakes that you will otherwise regret in the future.  Seeking help requires courage, but the rewards, for you and your child, can be incredible.