Security, Privacy and Patient Confidentiality


I maintain the highest standards of patient confidentiality.  A Notice of Privacy Practices and an Informed Consent Contract are both used to provide information and explain exceptions.  These documents will be reviewed prior to our first meeting, and any questions you have will be answered.


Are you worried about Online Security? HIPPA Compliance? Patient Confidentiality?  Telehealth is new to most people and it is important to ask these questions and understand how your information will be kept safe.  One of the reasons I chose the We Counsel platform is that they are at the forefront of internet security.  

Beyond the basics:  "Wecounsel operates over a completely secure, HIPAA compliant online platform. Wecounsel has a business associates agreement with our data center to ensure any sensitive information generated on the site is secured to HIPAA standards. Our website also employs 256 bit SSL encryption while our videoconferencing software employs 128 bit SSL encryption. This is not only super secure but also completely HIPAA compliant."

Please see the We Counsel website, or contact me, for more information.